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Youth Council Goals and Functions


  1. Develop and implement an outreach program for youth to increase their knowledge of programs and services available to youth.
  2. Provide oversight for all WIA Youth programs and assure goals, objectives, and timelines are being met.
  3. Research and evaluate the best practices and current indicators for success of state and national youth programs.


  1. Develop and deliver the marketing message of the Youth Council.
    • Creates linkages with youth programs, business, education, and local communities to promote awareness of the Youth Council and its programs.
    • Encourages the development of youth leadership within the community and Youth Council.
    • Promotes awareness of the value of youth development in education and training programs.
    • Identifies youth programs within the County to promote and support.
  2. Provide oversight to all Workforce Investment Act functions that the Youth Council is responsible for. This includes:
    • Requests for Proposals;
    • Assures policies and procedures are properly applied;
    • Develops competitive grant funding;
    • Investigates how money is spent in relationship to results produced.
  3. Review customer satisfaction input and use it for continuous improvement of youth programs and services.